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I've got details of voice and text call, the audio, and text messages from WhatsApp with video images and audio. Other apps have proper detail but for some reason not browsing history.


Verified Customer


As a first time user and not understanding what exactly is required, I asked сustomer сare. They've explained everything in detail. App is compatible with an iPhone 10, so I had everything I needed, and their customer service was more than helpful. I would recommend this site as I was impressed with them.


Verified Customer

I logged in easily

Once money was taken out of my account I got a welcome email with my private key and the link. Trying to figure out what to do next.


Verified Customer

I can't log in

I paid for the site of this application but I can't access it because I don't know how to download it, I would like to have help.


Verified Customer

Check your iPhone

First off I did not have access to everything. I called customer support and they said my phone was not compatible for jailbreak and I would have to upgrade my phone.


Verified Customer

Good app

Very glad you don't have to have on hand the cell phone of the person you are going to monitor. Now I can know everything about my child.


Verified Customer


The application is very good


Verified Customer

Not exactly what I was hoping for

The app works alright, but it doesn't update like I was hoping. I thought it would be closer to real-time updates, but it's 3:17 in the morning and I haven't received an update since yesterday evening.


Verified Customer

I thought it worked without installation

Don't expect u can just watch their messages just with this app. U have to install on their device as well.


Verified Customer

Will renew my subscription

I've had the software for almost a year now, it works great ever since. Screenrecorder and browser history works instantly. Keylogger works well and it's the exact reason I've chosen mSpy. I had an issue about messages on FB, when all of the messages were in random order, and Customer support reached out to me quite quickly. I will be renewing my subscription again. The idea of the app is great, and I have got what I paid a good amount for.


Verified Customer

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