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Monitor Facebook Messenger with mSpy

There’s a lot happening on Facebook Messenger, including stuff kids don’t want their parents to see. We can help. Just install the Facebook Messenger spy app that brings you peace of mind

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Take a Look at Their Facebook Messenger Activity

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Find out who they chat with

One scroll through their Facebook Messenger and you’ll know everything about their friends and relationships.

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See group chats

It’s a great way to identify cyberbullying and other controversial things that might be happening between multiple parties.

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See shared pics and videos

All sent and received multimedia will show up in your Control Panel, so you’ll never miss a beat.

mSpy Is More Powerful Than You Think

There is so much more you can monitor with mSpy! Here are the top monitoring features our users love the most:

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Make sure they’re chatting with friends safely

Gain peace of mind knowing they’re using Messenger responsibly.

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Real Reviews from Satisfied mSpy Customers

We love hearing stories about how mSpy has helped real people discover the truth and sleep a little easier. Here are some of our favorites.



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If Any Questions Left

Why do I need to know how to track Facebook Messenger?

Facebook bills itself as a place to connect and communicate. And with over 2.8 billion monthly active users, there’s a good chance your kid is one of them. And we don’t blame them. Facebook is a great place to stay up to date with friends. And the Facebook Messenger platform makes it really easy to communicate.

But not everyone is sending innocent and friendly chats. Facebook Messenger is a platform laced with potential dangers. Sound like a nightmare? Don’t worry. A Facebook Messenger tracker is every parent’s dream. And once you know how to secretely log into someone’s Messenger, you’ll feel way better.

What is a Facebook spy app?

Oftentimes called Messenger tracker, it’s a simple tool used to monitor Facebook Messenger. Once installed, you’ll be able to see every message that was exchange inside your child’s Facebook Messenger account. Every text. Every pic. It’s all there for you to see.

How do I read someone else’s Facebook messages?

All you need is a spy app for Facebook messenger if you want to see what they’re saying on Facebook Messenger. Just buy a subscription to a Messenger tracker app to get started. Then, check your inbox for a welcome email, detailing how to spy on Facebook messenger chat, or more specifically, how to get up and running with mSpy. It starts with your Control Panel login info.

Once everything is up and running, you’ll be able monitor Facebook Messenger in a snap. Just log right in to your mSpy account and see all their Facebook Messenger chats, including messages sent, messages received, pics, videos, emojis, gifs, and more.

What kind of dangers can my kids face on Facebook Messenger?

  • Online Predators. It’s scary to think about, but online predators are everywhere, waiting to discover a new victim and pounce. Because Facebook lets anyone send someone a friend request, kids are in danger of coming into contact with someone who isn’t who they claim to be. That’s why a Facebook Messenger tracker is important. With one installed, you can pop in and view someone’s Facebook messenger chats easily and effortlessly.
  • Cyberbullying. When you were a kid, bullying was limited to the schoolyard. But today, it extends way beyond, following kids home into their digital world. That’s why it’s important to be able to monitor Facebook Messenger. With this kind of direct access, you’ll know if your kid is being bullied. Remember, when kids are dealing with cyberbullying, they usually don’t run and tell their parents. It’s frightening to think that your child is being bullied, but at least there’s a way to find out.
  • Sexting. While you might not think your teenager is engaged in this kind of activity, sexting is more common than you think, with more than 30% of teens sharing nude or semi-nude photos through social media apps like Facebook Messenger. To make matters worse, many aren’t aware of the mental health and legal consequences that come with sharing these kinds of pics. A Facebook Messenger spy can help you put a stop to that.
  • Social Isolation. It’s funny that an app designed to connect people can actually lead to more loneliness. Kids who spend too much time in front of a screen chatting on social media apps like Facebook Messenger face the danger of being socially isolated. This could certainly hinder their development. If you can monitor Facebook Messenger, you’ll be able to spot these dangers and take action to correct the situation.
  • Time Wasting. It might not seem like a very big deal on the surface, but kids who spend hours chatting on Facebook Messenger with friends or commenting on their friends’ pics and status updates are wasting precious moments — time they could be spending bonding with their parents and siblings, doing their homework, taking care of chores, or pretty much anything else. Spy apps for Facebook Messenger will give you an insight into how much time they’re spending on the social media chat app.

Does every Facebook Messenger spy app support group chats?

Not all of them. But the mSpy Facebook messages tracking app does. And group chat monitoring is important if you want to read someone elses Facebook messages. Group chats are great for making plans. But they’re also great for making people sad. Many cases of cyberbullying happen in a group chat, and because Facebook Messenger makes it so easy to have one, kids often choose the app to harass kids they know. That’s why it’s important to choose a solution that lets you monitor Facebook Messenger from every angle, including group chats. mSpy is one of them.

Does a Facebook Messenger spy app support disappearing messages?

Yes. And it’s important to have that functionality if you want to see someones Facebook Messenger, especially with the availability of Vanish Mode. By swiping up in a conversation, you can set your chat to delete messages after they’re read. For most Facebook Messenger monitoring apps, this is a huge roadblock. But mSpy contains a number of innovative tools that let you see messages, including deleted ones or those that have vanished.

One such tool is the built-in screen recording feature. It lets you visually see what they’ve been saying by snapping a pic every time there’s a change on the screen. Everything sent and received in the chat is captured and sent to your mSpy account, so you can log in to your Control Panel and see what they said.

The screen recording app for Facebook Messenger also works with their other favorite apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, and Skype. So no matter what social media service they use to connect, you’ll be able to see what they’re saying using the same tool you use to monitor Facebook Messenger.